The Emir and Covid-19 arrangements

Dear guests

We apologise for the length of this information but it is essential in order to try to keep you and the Emir staff safe and to comply with Turkish Government regulations. Please ensure all of your party are familiar with it.

Guests who wish to travel to the Emir are welcome but are doing so at their own risk. You may wish to check with your travel insurance company what is covered regarding Covid-19. The Turkish Government are offering an insurance for visitors regarding Covid-19 cover should you need treatment in Turkey, information is at the end of this information sheet.

The Turkish Government have set down strict arrangements that must be made in Hotels and Apartment Developments and we are told these will be monitored by the local Jandarma. We know these can change quickly and you will need to check and comply with any current rules and restrictions and any additional requests from our management, Aytac & Turgay.

This involves some changes in the normal arrangements at the Emir which we’ll highlight below.

Face masks

Currently face masks must be worn in all public areas, shops, etc, including in a vehicle, it carries a fine of about £100 for failure to comply.  Consequently a mask will need to be worn for all of the transfer journey. This could of course change. Remember if you walk you need to wear a mask. Sitting at a table doesn’t require a mask but if you get up to go to the toilet then you should put your mask on.

Arrival at the Emir and welcome pack  

In the Emir entrance there will be hand sanitizer available and we ask that guests use it every time they enter the development.

On arrival guests will be greeted by the management team and given their apartment keys which will have been sanitized. Normally staff have carried guest cases to the apartments but in order to minimise staff/guest contact we ask that guests carry them themselves. In the entrance, along with the hand sanitizer there will be disinfectant spray, paper towels and a waste bin should you wish to disinfect your cases before taking to your apartment, which we recommend.

It has been reluctantly decided that a welcome pack will not be provided this year so that food products haven’t been handled by staff. A bottle of water/new bottle of water on the cooler will be provided as will a bottle of hand sanitizer and a disposable face mask each. Face masks are cheap to buy in Kalkan should you need to buy more.

Apartment cleaning

On arrival the apartment will have been thoroughly disinfected and cleaned ready for your arrival.

It has been decided in order to minimise staff/guest contact the Emir won’t provide the usual daily rubbish and toilet bin removal. We ask that daily, guests empty the bins themselves. Tie them off and take them to the dumpster across the road, opposite the entrance, each day, sanitizing their hands on re-entry. Replacement bags will be provided.

When staff come into the apartment to do a clean and linen change guests will need to leave the apartment during this time, again to minimise staff/guest contact. Staff will be wearing masks and gloves when they enter an apartment.


Communal areas

In order to comply with the minimum 1.5 meter rule for social distancing in Turkey some tables and sunbeds will have been moved from their usual position on the communal terraces. Guests from the same apartments can of course sit together but if they have moved sunbeds to do this they must move them back to their original position when they leave them. They must of course be at least 1.5 meters from any other apartment group.

The sunbed mattresses and chair cushions will be cleaned with disinfectant each morning and after they are vacated but should guests wish to do this themselves there will be disinfectant, paper towels and a bin provided on each terrace.

Pool towels should be washed regularly and at a temperature of 60 degrees.

The swimming pools

The pools will be disinfected daily and the step hand rails will be disinfected regularly throughout the day.

Guests must take a shower and use hand sanitizer before entering the pool via disinfection mats if provided.

The pool capacity has been set by the Turkish Government and they have said they will do spot checks on this and the communal areas.

The number of people in each pool at any one time has been set at 1 person per 8sq meters to enable social distancing. The staff will have worked this out for each pool and there will be notices posted giving the number allowed in each pool at the same time. This must be strictly adhered to as there are massive fines both for the guests in the water and the development should the Jandarma find it’s been breached.

Children under 12 are not allowed in the pool unless accompanied by an adult as children may not be able to keep social distance by themselves.

People with fever higher than 38 degrees, cough and respiratory distress or gastrointestinal issues are not allowed to enter the pool area.

Thank you for reading this and your compliance when you’re at the Emir. We’ve all got used to a new kind of normal here in the UK and we’re sure you will still have a lovely holiday at the Emir and Kalkan, all be it the new normal.

The Emir Owners






Information and advice from the Slow Travel Guide regarding the Covid 19 Tourist Protection Health Insurance:-

The COVID-19 Tourist Protection Health Insurance explained.
You may have read about the possibility to purchase a specific insurance covering COVID-19 in Turkey. Most articles, however, do not mention how or where to purchase the insurance. All options are supervised by and in coordination with the Turkish Ministry of Tourism.

Here’s a breakdown of your options on how to buy your
COVID-19 insurance for Turkey:

– With tickets of contracted airlines (check with your carrier)
– Upon arrival at points of sale inside the airport before passport control
– Online via
– From tour operators (check with yours)

The small print and other things you need to know:

– The insurance is only available for travellers between the age of 0 – 65.
– The insurance is valid for up until a maximum duration of 30 days but always limited to your entry & exit days.
– Price of the insurance per person ranges from 15 to 33 €
– You can choose between 3 different packages offering coverage for respectively 3.000, 5.000, or 7.000 €.
– You will be covered for COVID-19 treatment in all pandemic hospitals, both private & public.
– In the event that one is admitted to an intensive care unit before the policy expiry date, the treatment continues for 10 days, even if the policy expires.

How to find out what the insurance would cost in your specific case? Go to and fill in the online form (or just the ‘Travel Info’ section) and you’ll be given an exact quote and the option to buy your COVID-19 insurance for Turkey directly online.

Please note that this insurance only covers COVID-19 treatment costs in pandemic hospitals in Turkey. This is not a travel insurance. We strongly advise you not to travel without extra cover and to check the travel advice of your country to avoid issues with not being covered due to negative travel advice.